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Our Lady of Dolours Church, Sonapur

Bonding Together in Love



"A Family that cares and shares in the fellowship of Christ"

Welcome to our Parish!!!! 


It is our pleasure to welcome you to the website of Our Lady Of Dolours Church and thank you for your interest in our Parish.  We welcome you to be part of our family that cares and shares with fullness of life in fellowship with Christ with our Mother Mary as our Companion in love and sorrow. 


This website gives detailed information about our Parish, including Mass Timings and guidelines for receiving Sacraments.  It also gives details of the parish functioning, the office timings and parish activities that are planned in the near future. 


We are a welcoming, active, faith based community, offering many different opportunities for spiritual nourishment, growth and friendship. As a parish member, or even a visitor to our webpage, there is a wealth of information for you to use.  We encourage you to offer your talents and time in the service of our parish.

We update the website constantly to keep it relevant for all those who are interested in attending services and contributing to our community by their presence and prayers.


If you have any suggestions to improve these webpages, please contact us at Thank you and enjoy your visit!

Fr. Anthony D'souza

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