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Altar Servers – usually male faithful deemed worthy of assisting the priest at the altar during the celebration of Holy Mass - have been a part of Church history since the earliest times. Previously, all boys who had received their First Holy Communion were expected to become altar boys. On Sundays, one would find the girls with their parents in the pews; the boys were always made to serve if they attended Mass. This is why Altar Servers were better known as ‘Altar Boys’ till 1994 because girls were not permitted to serve till then.


Altar Servers have a rich heritage, going back to the time of Jesus. In preparation for the Last Supper, Jesus sent two of his disciples to prepare the Passover for Himself and the Twelve. Over the centuries, as ceremonies became more complex and Latin became the language of the Church, specially trained assistants called Acolytes became common. Eventually, this evolved into today’s Altar Servers who love Jesus, love the Mass, and want to dedicate their time and talents to serve God and his Church.


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To inculcate a genuine love and desire to serve God and Church, to foster active involvement in rites and rituals, and to ensure continuity in such service.


MEETINGS: Sundays, After Sunday School


VENUE: School Parish Hall


PRIEST IN CHARGE: Fr. Anthony D'souza

                                   Bro. Richard Fernandes


LAY CO-ORDINATOR: Mr. Thomson Rodrigues

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