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During springtime, around 72 long years ago, in the lap of Marine Lines, Sonapur (Mumbai), Our Lady of Dolours High School's silhouette originated. In those days, Priests used to hold the fort - i.e. the School was maneuvered by Fathers, who held the post of both - Manager as well as Head Master. The yester years saw our School being cradled in 3 (three) buildings and today, it rests in just 1 (one) building. The strength of the students were redundant. There even existed 3 (three) divisions for some classes in order to accommodate the students. Way back then, the School was bombarded with Catholic students. It is disheartening to see that the number of Catholic students has declined considerably to a mere 2%. The students, so to say were a notorious clan. Yet, at the same time, there subsisted an equilibrium - a balance - the children exuberated a disciplined lifestyle. The students won accolades for their school since, they excelled in the field of sports and other co - curricular activities. Many eminent athletes emerged from our School. The toil and the hardwork of the staff and students bore fruit - they brought recognition, honour and fame to our School. In spite of all the perplexities of life, our Students have placed a Feather in our Caps, by walking into the National, International and Olympic Sports - Hockey Team. Yuvraj and Devinder Walmiki have represented the Indian Hockey Team in the Asian Games and have fetched victory for our Country.

In the course of time, due to unavoidable circumstances, the administration of the School was handed over to the Sisters of the Cross of Chavanod from 1998. While the Head Mistress is a Nun, the post of Manager continues to be filled in by a Priest.

As of date, a clarion call is heard. The School now caters to the downtrodden and the lower strata of society. Our students hail from the streets and slums of Marine Drive, Sonapur (Mumbai). It is rather a sad state of affairs that, even in the 21st Century, poverty reigns supreme in a metropolitan city of Mumbai. Our students live on the platforms of the Railway Station, under Bridges in Plastic Sheets and some in tiny huts. During the National Festivals, they abscond from School and are found in the market, selling flowers to earn a rupee or two to make ends meet.

Here at School, a lot of anxiety and travail looms in the air. Many times, the staff have to stop their teaching duty and sit like receptionists, making telephone calls to ask the students to come to School. Other times, the children just refuse to come to School and when asked the reason, they mournfully reply with heads bent down - " Our School Bags are taken by the Municipality and if we want them back, we have to pay. Sometimes these students come hungry to school. Some of our students plight is miserable, demoralizing, sickening and frightening. It's a terrible situation for our students. Yet are students shine in sports and selected to play for Mumbai. They neither have space nor a roof above their heads. Yet our students shine in sports and are selected to play for Mumbai and are being chosen to play even for Delhi. Some of our students have high aim but lack financial support. As administrators, we struggle. A constant tug of war prevails. It is our deepest desire that, these children inundated in poverty, at least, be able to read and write, pass their S.S.C. Board Exam, in order to stand on their own feet and have a secure future.

We initiate a small step on our part as educators, to eradicate the stench of the leprosy of the rich becoming richer and stop the poor being trampled under the shoes of the rich, left to die in their poverty stricken state.

A ray of hope still flickers in our hearts and souls. With God being the Wind beneath our wings, we persist to endeavour, giving of our best for the upliftment of our students.  We pray that, one day, with God’s blessings they may become good citizens and make our Nation – India proud.


St. Xavier’s Boys’ Academy (SXBA) a school run by the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) was founded by Fr. Agnel Sologran S.J. in June 1957.  Located at 40-A New Marine Lines, it initially started with the Secondary School which was managed by the School Committee as per the S.S. Code.


The Academy was recognised by the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary Education as a School that prepares students for the Secondary School Certificate Examination of the Maharashtra State.


The Academy is open to all, irrespective of community, caste or creed. All efforts are made in order to foster national integration through a spirit of mutual understanding, tolerance, brotherhood and peace.


In 2001, keeping in mind the desires of the ex-students, parents, friends and well-wishers of the school, the School Management, with the blessings of the Jesuit Provincial of Mumbai, Fr. Francis de Mello, S.J., ventured to initiate the Primary and Pre-Primary schools of SXBA. 


From the very start, SXBA offered early childhood education which was different. The type of education offered was training the minds of children to learn through discovery and so develop a powerful thinking mind which they could use with great benefit in the future. In 2006 – 2007 the school started the year with a full fledged Pre-Primary and Primary Section with 2 divisions per standard.  


The curriculum offers education which makes learning creative and intellectually stimulating while at the same time giving importance to sensitizing students to become Agents of Progressive Social Change.


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Principal: Ms. Preema Noronha

Vice Principal: Mr. Savio D’Mello


Headmistress: Mrs. Yvonne Rodrigues


Headmistress: Miss Pauline Noronha

Contact No: 2201 4358


St.Xavier's Institute of Education is the oldest non-government, aided, Teacher-Training College for the course of B.Ed., affiliated to the University of Mumbai and recognized by the National Council for Teacher Education (N.C.T.E.). Besides, it has various courses and extension services for students, teachers and the society. St.Xavier's Institute of Education is established and administered by the Jesuit Mumbai Province of the Society of Jesus. The College is under the religious jurisdiction of the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Mumbai.

Beginning from St.Xavier's College with a maximum of 50 students in June 1953, when the Institute was granted affiliation to Bombay University, Fr. Angel Solagran started the B.Ed. Degree Course. He was the architect and founder of SXIE and SXBA and its first Superior and Principal. In 1955, it took over the Dip. Ed. Course from ST. Xavier's College and for a long time was the only college affiliated to the Bombay University to run this course, till its discontinuance by the University in 1977.

The B.Ed Degree Course is a full time one–year Course. It combines theory with practicals and includes regular lectures, practice teaching, lesson observation, community work, internship programme, preparation of instructional materials & teaching aids and project work. Computer literacy, physical fitness, emotional health and the use of educational technology are also included.

The College has completed 50 years as a Teacher Training College par excellence, with alumni ranging from Principals of various colleges, a Vice Chancellor of Mumbai University and Heads of Department of Education. The College aims at imparting Quality Teacher Education and all round development. The College stands for academic excellence and the development of skills, and strives after character formation based on the love of God and the service of man. It seeks to educate citizens distinguished for their integrated development and sincere commitment to God and country, leading lives that are socially meaningful.


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Principal: Dr. Sybil Thomas

Contact No: 2201 4666


Email: /

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